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I was born and raised here – in Darnestown.  I’ve lived here all my life, my wife and I are raising our family here, started a business and created jobs here. We have no plans to leave because we love our county. 

But we need to take Montgomery County to the next level.   

I drive around our county and it is increasingly divided – between the “have” and the “have nots” (by almost any metric; job opportunities, education or health outcomes).

It is clear we’re not reaching our potential.  We are being held back by: 

Some of the worst traffic congestion in the country,
A cost of living that doesn’t work for most – 40% of our families don’t earn a livable wage,
Too many of our kids graduating high school aren’t college ready or career ready.

I am a proactive, progressive Democrat and believe that good government should work for everyone. 

Over the past year I’ve rolled up my sleeves and travelled our county to better understand our challenges.  I’ve also travelled the country to see the best practices that we can implement here.  Especially how other communities embrace technology to meet increasing demands on local resources. 

I’m ready to work in a transparent, collaborative manner to develop creative, evidence-based solutions. 

I don’t want to just compare our county to our neighboring counties or the average of Maryland – I want to hold us up to a higher standard.  There’s no reason we can’t be the leading county in the country. 

I will protect us from Trump’s antics and backwards policies – whether that be protecting women’s rights and Planned Parenthood, ensuring all our residents have access to health care, protecting our immigrant community, fighting bigotry . . . I could go on and on.

It is clear we have our challenges – and, what is consistent when I meet with our community leaders is we need more funding to address these challenges.  In fact, not a single organization I’ve met with has said “Thank you but we don’t need any more money.”  So, we need to find the sources to fund these demands.   

It’s pretty simple; we can 1) allow our services to deteriorate, 2) increase the rate of taxes – like property tax – which make our community less affordable or 3) we can find new sources of revenue.  I’m against the first two.  

New revenues can come from economic and job growth – which accomplishes two things; it provides the funding for new schools and new roads, and also lifts our residents to a livable wage. 

Don’t get me wrong, we have a great county with tremendous assets that should make us all proud. Ike Leggett has provided us with a firm foundation, and my vision is to stand on his shoulders and take us to the next level. 

David Blair
Democrat for Montgomery County Executive

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