I'm proud to be a lifelong Montgomery County resident. I'm a pragmatic progressive Democrat, husband, father and successful job creator.

I established my business career in health care 20 years ago. I led Catalyst Health Solutions, a health care company, located here in Montgomery County for 14 years. It started in one room and grew to employ thousands of people across the country. We provided millions of Americans with more affordable prescription drugs and better access to health care.

Now, my wife, Mikel and I are focusing on supporting local organizations aiming to end poverty and homelessness, to promote healthy living, to empower children with disabilities and to provide quality early childhood education. Recently, we opened Badlands Playspace in Rockville, an innovative new education center where Montgomery County families can bring their children to play and learn.

Relevant Experience
I'm entrepreneurial at heart, but what's required to lead a successful business - to create jobs, to make it profitable - I learned through hands-on experience. It's this unique perspective that makes me an ideal candidate for County Executive right now.

Leading a Fortune 500 company in Rockville, I developed a deep sense of accountability and an understanding of our fiduciary responsibility. I was acutely aware of the challenges and opportunities of doing business in Montgomery County, while also learning best economic development practices in the other 30 states where our company operated. Running a company with a $5 billion budget, I learned skills to make our budget go further, to stamp out redundancies and embrace new technologies. As our company evolved, I learned what's required to recruit and retain the top talent across the country. I developed compensation strategies for our most senior leaders that ensured our key objectives were properly aligned with executive compensation.

Of course, given our specific business, I have keen insight into harnessing technology solutions and the challenges with our health care system. Our company consistently was recognized for providing first class customer service. For example, our members received first call resolution over 98% of the time. My leadership approach is to build inclusive, collaborative and transparent teams. I understand the importance of surrounding myself with top leaders in the respective fields when I don't have all the answers. I'm no stranger to county government. I've spent the past few years meeting with government officials, civic and community leaders and residents to better understand education, transportation and budget issues. I've also been part of Ike Leggett's County Executive's Economic Advisory Group for the past couple years. Working in this group, we advise county officials on how to improve our economic competitiveness, strengthen and expand county government's partnerships with businesses and promote the County's economic priority projects. I've also been actively involved in projects for the Bipartisan Policy Center, a nonprofit think tank, working to address a number of challenges facing the public sector, including creating a vibrant entrepreneurial environment, ensuring access to early childhood development and accelerating health innovation, by finding common ground.

These experiences allow me to see opportunities where others don't.

My company succeeded by innovating and solving problems with big ideas. As your County Executive, I'll bring that experience to county government. I'll focus on creating an economic environment that creates more well-paying jobs to grow and diversify our tax base, improving education so that every high school student graduates college- or career-ready, establishing a more modern transportation system to relieve congestion, lowering prescription drug costs for seniors and making our county more livable.

Most Significant Achievements
In twelve and a half years as a publicly traded company, Catalyst Health Solutions experienced exceptional growth and consistent financial performance. By 2012, Catalyst Health Solutions was listed as a Fortune 500 Company with run-rate revenue of more than $6 billion. Catalyst was recognized five times as one of Fortune's 100 Fastest Growing Publicly Traded Companies with an annual budget in excess of $5 billion. Additionally, the company was listed among Fortune's "World's Most Admired Companies" multiple times, because of the value of its products and services, as well as the benefits it offered its employees. For example, the company offered employees a unique "American" car program, whereby the company would pay 50% of the monthly car payment if an employee purchased an American car or truck. The company had thousands of employees in 30 states, so the program had far-reaching impact. Personal recognitions, include: Forbes America's 15 Most Powerful CEOs of 40 years of age and Under, CEO Q Magazine and the International Institute of Management list of Most Respected CEOs.

Yet aside from this, there's no greater achievement in my life than my family. My wife and I cannot be prouder of our six kids. Like most parents, I want the best for them. Right now, Montgomery County isn't living up to its potential. We're slipping. As County Executive, I'll use my business experience to implement big ideas for our future that will move our county forward.


Clemson University, B.S. Financial Management