The Washington Post has called the attacks on David Blair “ludicrous.” Here are the facts….

Dear Supporters,
As election day nears, our campaign continues to focus on meeting with voters and sharing our vision to move Montgomery County forward. Unfortunately, some individuals opposed to our success are attacking us by spreading false information and smears. Despite this effort, we remain committed to running a positive campaign and to staying focused on the important issues facing our county: growing our economy, fixing our broken infrastructure, improving our schools and making Montgomery County a place for everybody to live, work, start a business and raise a family. As Michelle Obama said, “When they go low, we go high.” We trust the people of Montgomery County to see through the attacks and choose a positive way to move us forward.

Below are the facts and the truths about David along with responses to some of the false accusations you may have heard.

  • Exceptional Business Practices
  • Highly Qualified for Government Office
  • David is a Progressive Democrat
  • The Blair’s Commitment to Philanthropy and Giving Back
  • Business Lawsuit
  • Voting Record
  • Earning One Vote at a Time
  • Full Financial Disclosure
  • Saving Consumers Billions
  • Failure of Company to Pay State Taxes
  • Adding Telemedicine to Schools and Senior Centers

  • Thank You for Your Support!

    Day in and day out, we are surrounded by some of the smartest, most loyal and supportive voters and we are encouraged by the amazing people we meet daily on the campaign trail. We won’t let rumors slow us down and we will remain squarely focused on the important issues, working to bring people together, solve problems and move our county forward. Please help us spread the word about David and our campaign. Together we can do great things for Montgomery County.

    Exceptional Business Practices

    David Blair is a successful and well-respected entrepreneur. He grew a company from the ground up into a Fortune 500 company in just over a decade, creating thousands of jobs and saving customers over $9 billion in prescription drug costs. In addition to earning his customer’s praise, David’s employees appreciated his leadership along with a strong culture and morale, a robust benefit offering and opportunities for professional growth and advancement.

    David was an early investor and founder, as well as Chief Executive Officer of Catalyst Health Solutions, Inc., from the Company’s formation to its sale in 2012. During this period David directed Catalyst’s development as a Pharmacy Benefit Management organization, earning a strong reputation with customers for exposing big drug companies paying secret rebates to push their more expensive medicine. With David’s innovative approach to pricing, offering customers transparency and pass-through savings, David and his team grew the company to service more than 18 million members, with $6 billion in annualized sales.

    On average, Catalyst doubled in size every two years, earning a spot-on Fortune’s 100 Fastest-Growing Companies in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and achieving Fortune 500 company status in 2012. Catalyst was also the recipient of numerous prestigious healthcare and financial industry awards including Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies; Washington Post 200, URAC Award for Best Practices in Health Care; e-Healthcare Leadership Awards; Interactive Media Awards for its drug pricing tools and several Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute Rx Benefit Innovation Awards (2008, 2010). David’s management skills and accomplishments also resulted in numerous awards and recognitions including Forbes America’s 15 Most Powerful CEOs 40 and Under, CEO Q Magazine and the International Institute of Management list of Most Respected CEOs along with The Gazette of Politics & Business 25 CEOs You Need to Know and ABC News’ youngest CEOs leading a Fortune 500 company.

    David was well respected by his company’s clients and members who benefited from significant drug cost savings, and by his employees who benefited from a positive and collaborative work environment, progressive benefits, and ample opportunities for professional advancement. This positive culture and strong morale were attributed, in large part, to David’s recognition of the valuable role his team played in all company successes.

    David’s company was recognized because of the progressive benefits it offered its employees, including an American car program whereby the company would pay 50% of the monthly cost of an employee’s purchase of an American car or truck. Additional employee benefits for employees included a unique “wedding benefit” which provided employees who got married a $1,000 bonus and an additional week of paid-time-off, comprehensive healthcare and disability coverages, stock purchase plans, 401(k) matching and many other benefits.

    Highly Qualified for Government Office

    Based on his experience and comprehensive plans to address our county’s top issues, David has earned the endorsement of The Washington Post, the Coalition of Asian Pacific Democrats of Maryland and of Montgomery County, Congressman Anthony Brown, Maryland’s Comptroller and Chief Fiscal Officer Peter Franchot, the Apartment & Office Building Association of Metropolitan Washington (AOBA), Founder of Yes Moms Can Julie Zebrak, Retired MCPS Principal Wilma Holmes and the support of John Delaney, Congressman for Maryland's 6th congressional district and democratic presidential candidate for the 2020 election. Here’s some of what they had to say:

    The Washington Post Editorial Board says, “We think the best bet is David Blair, a dynamic political newcomer with business acumen, energy and passion for innovation.” “[He has] substantive but realistic ideas for attracting new business, extending pre-K, preparing young people for the workforce and improving traffic…” “With his combination of fresh thinking and business savvy, he would also stand the best chance of injecting a dose of vitality into a county that badly needs it.” Read article.

    The Coalition of Asian Pacific American Democrats of Maryland say, “[We] recognize your commitment and proactive stance to promote diversity and fairness, recognize the special needs of multi-cultural communities, and support economic empowerment for minority communities and the community at large.” “[We] also believe that your vision and actions would help improve Maryland’s and Montgomery County's economic position, address and integrate the special needs of our immigrant communities, support minority small businesses, and continue to make Maryland and Montgomery County one of the best places to live for working families." Read press release.

    AOBA endorsement credits David for “[having] a plan for creating a vibrant and diversified economy while also meeting the challenges of the county’s social needs.” Read press release.

    Congressman Anthony Brown endorses David, “I’ve worked closely with David for many years. David has a strong record of leading teams and developing innovative, collaborative solutions to tackle business and budget challenges. He is uniquely qualified to create jobs, grow the economy and expand opportunity – while continuing to invest in our schools, improve traffic and prepare residents for the workforce. He has the experience, passion and vision to lead the County into the future. David will be an outstanding County Executive for Montgomery County.”

    Comptroller Peter Franchot endorsed David Blair, “There is nobody who has a clearer understanding than David of the pressures facing Montgomery County’s working, middle-class families – far too many of whom have seen the size of their paychecks stagnate while the costs of living continue to rise.” “David has the vision and the experience of a leader. As someone who has given so much back to our community through his work to end homelessness and poverty, create better early childhood learning opportunities and improve the lives of people with disabilities, he also has the values of a true public servant.” Read full endorsement.

    Congressman John Delaney says, “David would be a superb Montgomery County Executive and help make Montgomery County more competitive for jobs.” Read tweet.

    Over the past two years, David has spent time with hundreds of employers, government officials, community groups and residents as well as researched best practices from around the country to identify the best ideas to move Montgomery County forward; all discussions that helped shape his substantive strategies and platforms, along with his own experiences. He is a member of the Montgomery County Community Foundation, County Executive Ike Leggett’s Economic Advisory Group and works with the Bipartisan Policy Center, a nonprofit focused on addressing public sector challenges, including creating an entrepreneurial environment, ensuring access to early childhood development and accelerating health innovation.

    David is committed to serving the residents of Montgomery County and will bring his leadership, business experience and collaborative approach to move our County forward. He will apply the same qualities that made him successful with his prior teams, building a customer-oriented service organization that puts the needs of others first, and building a positive and vibrant culture where teams collaborate toward common goals and are empowered to innovate, create efficiencies and have a shared passion for success and for helping others.

    David is a lifelong Montgomery County resident, running for County Executive because our county is not reaching its potential. Our elected officials have overdeveloped areas without properly investing in our schools and transportation – leaving us with overcrowded schools and some of the worst traffic in the country. Since our economy has been at a standstill for over a decade, our county officials have continued to raise taxes – making our county increasingly unaffordable for many. While David’s strongest background is in the business world, growing a business that became a Fortune 500 company with $6 billion in annualized sales and creating thousands of jobs, David’s also always had a passion for public service and for giving back. He has a philosophy that when a door opens for him, it’s his responsibility to open the door for others. This led to his engagement with our community and local government. By definition, the office of County Executive requires a leader with experience in executive leadership, managing large teams and budgets as well as managing competing priorities. David brings more than 20 years of executive leadership experience, spending most of his professional career running a billion-dollar corporation. This has afforded him unique skills and experiences that will be immensely valuable in the County Executive role, including:

  • creating jobs
  • recruiting, managing and retaining top talent
  • developing innovative strategies and solutions
  • leading teams to execute toward a common goal
  • exercising fiduciary responsibility
  • accurately forecasting revenues
  • balancing and adhering to a budget
  • stamping out redundancies
  • looking at how we get more done with less
  • having accountability to others, and
  • getting things done – timely and efficiently

  • David is earning one vote at a time. During any given week, he’s meeting with voters at Metro stops, town squares, meet & greets, townhall meetings as well as going door-to-door to meet with residents. In addition, David holds weekly open office hours and encourages residents to stop by the campaign office to meet with him.

    David is a Progressive Democrat

    David is aligned with the progressive values of the Democratic Party and officially changed his party affiliation over 15 years ago.David is a progressive Democrat who will champion big ideas that will improve the quality of life for all our residents, fight for our shared Democratic values of inclusion and equal opportunity and make our county an event better place to live, work and raise a family. David measures progress and success from the bottom up, not the top down. While significant social and economic progress has been made, David knows we can and must do more to be accountable to the most vulnerable groups in our community. Any rights gained by vulnerable folks can be quickly eroded if we do not consistently remain vigilant to the needs and concerns of these communities.

    David believes in equality for all regardless of sexual orientation, race, creed, gender expression, or citizenship status. David’s policies are centered around progressive values, some of which include improving economic and educational opportunities for all, protecting women’s rights, having universal access to affordable healthcare, improving affordability and cost of living, safeguarding the environment, and making our schools and communities healthier and safer.

    The Blair’s Commitment to Philanthropy and Giving Back

    On a personal note, David and his wife Mikel are philanthropists who actively support various local organizations aiming to end poverty and homelessness, promote healthy living, empower children with disabilities and provide quality early childhood education. While there are too many to list, the attached provides a snapshot of some.

    View List

    Business Lawsuit

    Unfortunately, lawsuits are part of doing business in the U.S. Every Fortune 500 company has been engaged in litigation. In fact, our beloved Marriott is involved in a class action lawsuit, as is Amazon—the Fortune company we are trying to recruit to open up a second headquarters in Montgomery County. There have been various inaccurate statements related to David’s company inappropriately selling insurance policies. While a Blair company has been subject to a business lawsuit, the attempted smears that have been passed around are outrageous excerpts from a plaintiff's filing, not a court's decision (in fact several states dismissed the case as frivolous). David’s companies did not sell any type of insurance so it’s a mischaracterization of his company’s business. David's company was one of Fortune’s Most Admired Healthcare Companies for saving customers over $9 billion in pharmacy costs.

    The alleged lawsuit was not filed against David. Rather, it was filed against a number of companies, including national insurance carriers, and it related to a small subsidiary product offering that represented less than 0.1% of David’s company’s revenues. Despite no admission or proof of wrongdoing, it’s our understanding that some of the defendants settled the case five years after David sold the company, most likely a desire to put the lawsuit behind them as to not continue to incur additional legal costs. Multiple reporters have looked into this case but have opted not to run anything because they realized this was a bogus story that has been settled and closed.

    Voting Record

    David is proud to have voted in 10 out of 12 elections since 1994. David has met with hundreds of community leaders, business owners and residents over the past few years to listen to their concerns and to earn their support. Many of these discussions, along with research of best practices around the country and his own experience have shaped his comprehensive policies.

    Earning One Vote at a Time

    David is essentially being attacked for his business success in the healthcare industry. But Democrats should not shy away from having strong, successful and progressive business leaders representing their party, because for too long we’ve allowed Republicans to own this opportunity.

    Yes, David has largely funded his own campaign, which in his case, is far more appropriate than using taxpayer money. Because his prior career didn’t put him in the public eye, David lacked name recognition in a field of well-known candidates. However, to accuse him trying to buy the election is an insult—not just to David, but to the voters of Montgomery County. David works day in and day out to earn one vote at a time. During any given week, he’s meeting with voters at Metro stops, town squares, meet & greets, townhall meetings and going door-to-door to meet with residents. In addition, David holds weekly open office hours when anyone can come in to the campaign offices and meet with him.

    We feel confident that the residents of Montgomery County will see through these unsubstantiated attacks and will elect the next County Executive based on truths and substance, which are two of David’s most appealing traits. His vision and substantive policies are a result of his diligence, including meetings with hundreds of employers, elected officials, community groups and leaders, as well as his exhaustive research of best practices from around the country.

    Full Financial Disclosure

    The attacks on David’s investments are absurd—they even attack him for owning shares in Amazon, the very company that Montgomery County is trying to recruit to the region. David has properly disclosed all his investments. Anyone that owns a Mutual Fund or Index Fund will, by the nature of the investment, hold a diverse portfolio of stock; however, there is no real “ownership” or control over any of the companies that are part of the respective fund.

    Saving Consumers Billions

    David is a successful and well-respected entrepreneur, earning a strong reputation with customers for exposing big drug companies paying secret rebates to push their more expensive medicine. With David’s innovative approach to pricing, offering customers transparency and pass-through savings, David and his team grew the company to service more than 18 million members, saving customers over $9 billion in prescription drug costs. His company’s innovative member website was the recipient of various Interactive Media Awards for its drug pricing tools that helped consumers identify lowest cost medication options, including the $4 generic drugs that had been introduced in the marketplace.

    In 2011, the U.S. Senate invited David’s company Catalyst Rx, along with other PBMs, to address concerns regarding the pharmacy benefit management company limiting access to a particular new-to-market generic drug. Catalyst Rx provided all the information requested along with detailed explanations which were sufficient to dispel the initial concerns. Pharmaceutical rebates were reviewed by governmental agencies on a routine basis. David’s company was found to be fully compliant. In fact, Catalyst’s success was in part due to the “transparent” approach it took to manufacturer rebates.

    There is also an old article that suggested that David’s company may have increased one individual’s copayment to make more profit. This accusation is absolutely false. David’s company did not set the prescription drug pricing and it did not benefit financially from any increases to a member’s co-payment. In fact, David’s company made less than $1.00 per prescription medication.

    Failure of Company to Pay State Taxes

    David’s company paid its state and federal taxes regularly and on time. In fact, Catalyst paid in excess of $300 hundred million in cumulative taxes. As a publicly traded company (NASDAQ:CHSI), it was audited by PriceWaterhouse and subject to oversight by numerous regulatory bodies.

    Adding Telemedicine to Schools and Senior Centers

    David has proposed a comprehensive plan to expand healthcare access in schools. It includes adding telemedicine technology to provide students the ability to remotely access health or mental health services anytime during school hours, providing convenient access to medical professionals. The cost is less than that of a doctor’s visit and will allow students to stay in school when appropriate, so parents don’t have to leave work unnecessarily. Telemedicine will be offered in addition to school nurses as an expansion to current school health services, providing greater convenience and access to care. David will also work to add telemedicine to senior centers.